How much does it cost to have my meat shipped?

It all depends on shipping distance and weight, but the average shipping cost is around $250.

Will my meat be ready to take home before I depart?

It usually takes 3-5 business days to process your meat, however, we always have fresh alligator meat frozen and vacuum sealed that we can trade and send with you, if you do not wish to have your meat shipped.

What happens if I don’t get an opportunity to harvest an alligator?

With a 100% success rate to date, we hope that doesn’t happen! But if it does, you can reschedule your hunt at no additional cost!

What is the nearest airport?

Orlando International (MCO) or Sanford Airport (SFB)

What bodies of water will we be hunting

We hunt all across central Florida, but we are most commonly on the following: Lake Jessup, Lake Harney, St. Johns River, Lake Monroe, Lake Tohopekaliga, Puzzle Lake, Lake Poinsett, Lake Dexter, & Lake George.

What are my taxidermy options?

There are tons of different options to preserve your trophy. If you wish to make leather products, then you would need to have your belly hide tanned. If you are wanting to display your entire trophy, a rug mount or full body mount would be your best option. European mounts and head mounts are very common as well. We recommend visiting for more taxidermy info.

What happens with my alligator?

We recommend that you let us drop off your trophy with a local and reputable processing facility/taxidermy. We understand how important the handling and care of your trophy is, so leave it with the professionals!

Do I need a license?

Yes, you will need an “Alligator Trapping Agent” license, unless you drew your own tags. This license can be purchased for $51.50 at

What should II bring?

We recommend bringing your own binoculars, alcoholic beverages, and a jacket/hoodie for cooler nights.